Process Group Website

Process Group wanted a new website, to reflect their growing business and support their business development activity, while also growing a recruitment brand. 

The brief was to create a website that: 

  1. Generates new leads 
  2. Grows the Process Group recruitment brand
  3. Improves usability, especially mobile 
  4. Elevates the online profile and professionalism of Process Group 

With a brand built on accuracy and credibility, while also wanting to be innovative and avoid the cliches of their sector, it was a balancing act for Frank to create something classic yet engaging.  

Some of the cooler features of the new Process Group website include: 

  • a video reel on the homepage to set the scene
  • flip-pics for the about section showcasing the team with professional headshots as well as out in the field
  • a suite of new icons and stock imagery to showcase a growing range of services  

This is the first Engineering client we've worked with, and it was a cool experience for us to learn more about the energy sector and how this group of highly-skilled engineers is standing out from the crowd.

With the site live for about 6 weeks now, we asked Process Group Director Richard Wilson for some feedback. 

"The website is great and we are getting positive feedback which is very cool. It is also really good having a mobile friendly website too."

- Richard Wilson, Process Group Director 

Want to know more?

Check it out at www.processgroup.co.nz 

Contact us about our website services here


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