Women In Forestry Branding & Website

Women In Forestry has been a passion project for Sarah and Kim for a number of years, and has recently gained kickstarter funding from Shaw’s, so it was time to give the old website an overhaul! 

The comments from Rocketspark upon winning the May Website of the Month below:  

"Through thoughtful feminine design, Women in Forestry by Frank Communication is Rocketspark's site of the month for May 2021. In an industry dominated by male perception and association, this website has been well designed to cater for its target audience. From the moment you load the page it gives the sense of an inviting and welcoming approach through its calming and warm colour palette and hand crafted illustrations.

The website is consistent in theme throughout every page and is easy to navigate to get the information you need. Although the design is very creative, it adheres to the core basics of effective website design very well. Hierarchy is prominent, allowing the viewer to digest content effectively and easily. Call-to-actions are consistent, line lengths aren’t too long, there isn’t an over welcoming amount of content in any one section and the site looks good on mobile."

We were excited to bring this website to life and for what the future holds for Women In Forestry!

Check out the Women In Forestry Website HERE


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